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Car Key Replacement


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Lost, stolen or broken car key replacement Lauderhill.
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If your key is broken, stolen or just lost, we have car key replacement service Lauderhill.
24 hour emergency roadside assistance any time of day or night.
Auto car & truck keys and transponders replaced to your vehicle.
Cars unlocked and opened when keys are locked inside.
Professional lockout service to unlock your truck, car, motorhome or any vehicle.
If a unauthorized person has your key, we can change the lock, called a lock rekey.
Push to start, remote, transponder and chip key replacements on site.
Locked keys inside car LauderhillLauderhill 24 hour emergency locksmith car opening and key service

For fast car key replacement of lost, stolen or broken keys Lauderhill near you.
Our auto car key specialist will come to you and replace your keys.
Remote, push to start, and all chip and transponder keys replaced.
We use original equitment.
Our technicians can repair, re key or replace your ignition as needed.
Car opening and unlocking, keys in trunk opened and unlocked.
Fastest lockout service in the county. We always get you in, unlike some others.

Working with all locks, commercial, residential and auto since 1978.
All locksmith services provided by Chuck The Locksmith team.

Auto Car Key Locksmith Services:

Keys made to cars, key replacement services.

Our professional auto key & lock specialist will come to you where ever you are, at anytime
and replace your key to your car or truck. We also replace motorcycle keys,
scooter, moped, atv, boat and jet ski keys.
Some of the newer cars and trucks have transponder security systems installed.
Our locksmith will program your transponder according to your vehicle.

Cars opened / unlocked, lockout service, trunk lock opened.

It happens to us all, we lock the keys in the car.
We will unlock and open your car or truck with no damage.
Fastest lockout service in your area.
If keys are locked in the trunk, we can unlock it for you.

Ignition repair or replacement if needed.

All things wear out and will break. Our locksmith technicians will repair your ignition.
There are also bad people that will try to steal your car and break your ignition lock.
We can repair most ignitions most times.
If it is not repairable, we can replace your car ignition.
It will be like original. We can re key it to the original key.
Some car keys cut by code and vin number.

Transponder programming to program chip keys and fobs.

Some of the newer car manufacturers have a security system that uses a transponder.
This device is installed in the head of the key or it is a fob.
It is programmed according to it's reader in your vehicle.
When they are a match, it will allow you to start your vehicle.

24 hour emergency roadside service for keys and unlocking.

Always available to our customers day and night every day 24/7.
Our roadside assistance is top of the line service.
We can dispatch a car key service technician to you at anytime.
Locked out or if you need a new key to your car, we are there for you.
Locked out of the car? Fastest lockout service in the County.
We also unlock houses and businesses.

Residential Locksmith Services:

Deadbolt Lock

All exterior doors should have a deadbolt lock at a minimum.
Check the bolt to make sure it exteds all the way and locks.
A lock that is not working properly is a security risk.
We always recomend a high security type deadbolt.

Lock Re Key

Lock re key means that the old key will no longer work the lock.
We take apart the lock and change the tumblers to different sizes.
Anyone with a old key will no longer have access, only new keys issued will work.
Always have the locks re keyed when moving into a new residence or business.
You never know of who just might have a spare key.

Sliding Glass Door Lock

Most factory sliding door locks need a helper lock.
The original flip up lock is not very secure, and the crooks know this.
Always have a additional lock installed on all sliding glass doors.
We have locks that take a key from inside as well as some from outside.

Push Button Lock

The lock of today and the future.
These are great for teenager kids that lose keys all the time.
You can use it for a 1 time use for a special ocassion.
Codes change easily, user friendly.
WiFi push Button locks with audit trail.

Medeco Deadbolt / Mul T lock Deadbolt

These are the 2 best locks in the world.
Medeco and Mul T Lock deadbols are the best in the world.
Key control, drill resistant and pick proof, you can not get any beter.

Commercial Locksmith Services:

Master Key System

Master key systems designed for you the way you like it.
We can make a single key work all locks, while each lock has it;s unique key.
Call our office to schedule a estimate for your key system security.

Access Control

We all like to know who, when and what door.
This is "access control" we can design a system of time zones and access levels.
Audit trail is for reviewing who, when and where.
Simple access control of electric strike repair and magnet lock service.
Installation and repair services.

Electric Strike Lock

A electric strike is a simple lock that releases when either powered up or power is stopped.
A fail safe system is a system that releases the door to a unlock state.
A fail secure system, keeps the door locked.
These are used in conjunction with a access control system.

Magnet Lock

Magnet locks are more comonly used now as there are more hurricane
and security 3 point locking storefront doors.
These are also used with access control systems.
Most magnet locks require it to be hooked to a fire pull station.
When the alarm is set off, the doors will release.


Keypads are used on many things to gain access.
They can trigger different devices to power on or off.
Mostly used in the security business for door access.
We install keypads and replace them.


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